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Like many of Godfrey Ho’s other ninja films (like my favorite, Bionic Ninja), Hands of Death does not disappoint the connoisseur of Bad 1980s Ninja Films. The so-called Purple Ninjas are actually wearing costumes (with outrageous pointy triangular shoulders) that are quite pink. We have come up with a theory that they washed their white costumes with their red "Ninja" headbands and this was the result. Lots of Caucasian characters, confusing plot lines, and garbled motives centered around a valuable gold mine make this very similar to other Ho films, but the main Pink Ninja villain is marvelously over-the-top, with a glazed stare in his over-wide blue eyes and a bad blonde haircut and moustache. Well worth the watch for anyone interested in "ninja" wackiness who can stand the pain and anguish! Ow! Complete with smoke bombs and booby traps.
Released: 1988-03-21
Genre: N/A
Duration: N/A min
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